Once upon a time...


UPDATE:  (August 28th, 2004)  The venerable lineup of NightStrike:  Kevin Johnson on Lead Guitar, Sam Bennett on Drums, Jeremy Dishaw on Bass and Rory Fiszer on Lead Vocals and Guitar, reunited to play an impromptu set at the legendary Stubb's Museum & Bar in Ontonagon, Michigan!  It was the first time all four members had been in the same room together, let alone performed in front of a live audience since June of 1991.  The crowd was out of control as they welcomed back their hometown boys to the stage!


Seizing on the moment, plans are beginning to take shape for more shows to support an upcoming "Best of" collection slated for release in 2006.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (December 7, 2004)  All four members have agreed to go back into the studio sometime this winter (pending schedules) to lay down tracks for possible inclusion on the forthcoming "Best of" disc.  Negotiations are underway with veteran producer Doug Garceau to man the controls.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (December 8, 2004)  For 24 years this day has brought us memories of sadness as we continue to mourn the passing of John Lennon.  Our sorrow grows deeper today with news of the brutal onstage murder of Dimebag Darrell.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Vinnie and the rest of Dime's family, as well as the others who lost their life in this senseless tragedy.  R.I.P. Dimebag.


UPDATE:  (December 9, 2004) The date has been set!  NightStrike will go into the studio for the first time since 1997! December 29th, the members of NightStrike will convene at Sam Bennett's home recording studio in Marquette, MI.  Work is expected to begin on tracks for an eventual "Best of" record.  STAY TUNED


UPDATE:  (December 12, 2004) -  Veteran Producer Doug Garceau (Dr. Einstein, Third St. Traffic, solo) has agreed to engineer/produce upcoming NightStrike sessions.  "Having Doug's experience, ear and technical expertise will greatly enhance the NS sound, we are all very excited to have Doug at the helm of this project", says drummer Sam Bennett.  STAY TUNED


UPDATE:  (December 30, 2004) - All four members made it to the first rehearsal for the upcoming Best of disc yesterday evening.  Kevin and Sam were able to get the room ready to play (Thanks Danzo @ Superior Music) by the time Rory arrived.  A quick tune up and by 7PM the boys in the band were jamming.  Although no tracks were completed during the session the evening was invaluable as the group was able to rehearse several of the tunes that may find their way onto the next disc.  However, all the fun was not lost as video tape was rolling.  Over three hours of film was recorded for an "on the drawing board" DVD for possible release later next year.  On the musical front, some of the tunes fell right into place (especially One Hit to the Heart, Broken Promises, What's Going On and Out to Get You.  A couple of interesting cover tunes made their way back...A blistering rendition of Knockin' on Heaven's Door, with Rory handling lead vocals and guitar.  Jeremy lead the band on some very tight and very groovy funk explorations. This was exciting new territory that seemed to come together effortlessly.  Could a funky number or two make it's way to the stage or onto the new album?  STAY TUNED


UPDATE:  (February 10, 2005) - After more than a month of negotiations, the four members of NightStrike have chosen a studio to re-record a collection of the band's most beloved numbers.  On Friday March 11th, the band will enter North Lake studios in North Lake, MI.  Due to scheduling conflicts Doug Garceau will not be producing the sessions in person.  Thankfully, Doug has agreed to stay with the project in a consulting role.  Doug may join the band for future sessions later this year.  Instead, the band will work with Engineer Jim Harju to capture the band's sound. 


UPDATE:  (February 17, 2005) -  R.I.P. Robert Carlson.  Earlier today, Ontonagon High School principal, Bob Carlson passed away unexpectedly.  All four members of NightStrike had the distinct honor and privilege to play football for Coach Carlson's Gladiators.  Coach had a profound effect on all who knew him.  He was fond of saying, "Good things happen to those people who work hard!"  Coach Carlson worked hard, and achieved much, but true to his core beliefs never celebrated his own accomplishments.  He lived his life in an honorable way, as a role model for young people.  The lessons he taught and the values he instilled in all who knew him will last forever.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his son Troy, his fiance' Rita and the rest of his Family and Friends during this difficult time.


UPDATE:  (February 26, 2005) -  It was the realization of a dream as Lead Singer Rory Fiszer and Drummer Sam Bennett finally got the chance to witness the mighty Crue in the flesh!  Last night Sam & Rory (and wives) watched Motley Crue destroy the sold out Palace of Auburn Hills!  The Rock & Roll Circus lived up to the hype with bombs, fire, clowns, strippers, midgets and even the band on Harley choppers at one point during the show.  "To see Tommy Lee pound the skins live meant everything to me!  Tommy is the reason I started playing drums!" said NightStrike drummer Sam Bennett.  The fun didn't end when the show did, though.  Rory (who works with the folks at the Palace) was able to score tickets to the Motley Crue afterparty at Clutch Cargo's in downtown Pontiac!  WRIF 101 (the absolute best station in the motor city - WRIF ROCKS-BABY!) threw the shindig and did not disappoint.  Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee showed up around midnight and were totally cool!  They immediately came over and started talking to the people near them.  25 years in the business and not an ounce of pretension!  A truly magical evening!


UPDATE:  (March 10, 2005) - The load-in began tonight for the first NightStrike recording sessions since February of 1997.  The band entered North Lake studios with Producer James Harju twisting the knobs.  As Jeremy set up his bass rig, Sam got his drumkit together while Jim mic'd up the instruments.  Little did they know that a deadly computer virus had infected the studio's operating software!  As of 11:30 PM the ability to record at North Lake is in doubt.  A 9AM deadline has been set to proceed or call the sessions.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (March 11, 2005)  Maybe this thing will actually happen!  A quick call to Jim this morning was met with the good news that the studio was once again 100%!  Play on.  The band gathered for a pre-production meeting at Sam's house at 6PM.  After a traditional UP pasty dinner, a few libations and a quick meeting the band was whisked away to the studio to begin work.  The guitar rig setups went smoothly and the band began laying down tracks at 10PM.  The bass, drum and rhythym guitar tracks for "One Hit to the Heart" and "What's Going On" were done by 2AM.  Tired, but very excited by the fast start to the sessions, the band headed back to Sam's to rest up for a big Saturday!  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (March 12, 2005)  8AM came a little faster than anyone wanted , but eventually the boys got up and got going after a few pots of java.  Kevin woke up complaining of an upset stomach, so on the way to the studio they stopped to get some Pepto. Probably should have gotten a lot more!  Within an hour of laying down tracks, Kevin's violent vomiting could be heard all the way upstairs in the second floor control room!  Poor Dude!  Needless to say, Kevin was layed out on the couch in agony for the remainder of the sessions today (7PM).  Despite being a man down, the remaining members were able to put vocals on "One Hit to the Heart" and get rhythm tracks completed for "Standing in the Shadows", "Road to Nowhere", "Broken Promises", "Out to Get You" and "You and Me".  Jeremy had to leave at 6PM to play a gig with Junction 28 (a really fun live band - check them out if you get the chance) so Rory and Sam scraped Kevin off the couch and headed back to Marquette for some shut eye.  STAY TUNED


UPDATE:  (March 13, 2005)  Kevin woke up feeling good! (Rory was a little under the weather, but pushed on) The guys got out to the studio by 9:30 AM and went to work laying down vocals and lead guitar tracks.  Kevin gave no sign of his "near death" experience from the day before as he nearly set the room on fire with the sparks coming from his fingertips as he blazed through the tracks like a man possessed!  Jeremy was due back in the studio by 12 noon, but never showed up!  Rory painstakingly sang each song line by line, over and over until Producer Jim Harju gave the "OK" to move on to the next one.  The band worked feverishly up until their self imposed cutoff time of 5PM.  The band loaded up, shook hands (sometimes a difficult thing for bands to do after a pressure filled, trouble plagued, manic studio session), shared a smile and were off, satisfied that they had captured something very special!  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (March 14, 2005)  Everyone made it home OK.  It turned out that Jeremy came down with Kevin's bug and was unable to travel on Sunday.  Rory came down with the bug this morning and was in misery all day.  Sam's stomach is so bad he would never know if he was sick or not!  "When it's all said and done, the ultimate goal for this project is not to get rich and become famous (although that would be nice).  Money has never been the motivation!  It's all about four guys who came up together reaching for a dream together.  We want to do an album with the guys who started this thing at 12 years old and are still playing better than ever at 30!  The fact that we are all still playing together and the music is still so vital is a miracle!  For me, the best thing that could come from this, materially, is to have our CD on the jukebox at Stubb's in our hometown of Ontonagon, Michigan!  To me, that would be making it!" said Drummer Sam Bennett.  The band is exploring another session to advance the recording project.  The date is tentatively scheduled for mid May.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (March 26, 2005)  "NightStrike strikes again"  courtesy Daily Mining Gazette


UPDATE:  (March 26, 2005)  As mentioned in previous updates, the band has been filming meetings, rehearsals, recording sessions, etc... for the last year.  The possibility of a documentary film chronicling the NightStrike reunion has been discussed at length by the band.  Today, longtime band friend and collaborator Damien Ernest has agreed to direct the documentary project.  Damen is a Professor of Theater and Performing Arts at Waldorf College (Iowa).  Ernest, an accomplished director and acclaimed actor in his own right, is no stranger to NightStrike having sung lead vocals on the band's song "Stranded" in 1996.  No timetable has been set for the film, but with Ernest acting and directing a summertime production of "MacBeth" in Ontonagon through mid June and directing another "Shakespeare" production in Madison, WI during the second half of the summer .  Completion of the documentary is a ways off.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (March 30, 2005)  Work continued today on the NightStrike album as Drummer Sam Bennett went into North Lake studios with Producer Jim Harju to work on some drum tracks.  "We captured some interesting drum tracks today!  At one point I even had Sam playing his drums bare handed for a bongo effect on What's Going On!", said Harju.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (April 8, 2005)  The rhythm section of the band was at work in North Lake studios today.  Jeremy Dishaw put down some intereting new bass tracks to:  "What's Going On", "Broken Promises", and "One Hit to the Heart".  The result was some very funky and very fresh sounding rhythmic additions to the bands sound.  It has also been confirmed that Lead Singer Rory Fiszer will do a recording session on Satruday April 23rd to finish guitar and vocal overdubs and possibly begin working on some new songs, including a brand new song written especially for this album!  The working title is "Go Your Own WaySTAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (April 24, 2005)  Work continued on the new album this weekend as Rory Fiszer arrived from Detroit and joined Sam Bennett at North Lake studios.  The two, along with producer Jim Harju did guitar overdubs on a few numbers as well as laying down harmony vocals.  Two new songs were started, "End of My Existence" and "Go Your Own Way".  Congratulations go out to Rory as he is now officially one year clean and sober!  Everyone is very proud of him!   "This weekend's sessions were reminiscent of our sessions back in the day.  The studio was void of substances, (only Old Milwaukee NA's) and it showed in the amount of work we were able to get done"  said Drummer Sam Bennett.  "We kept a strict recording schedule throughout the weekend and were able to accomplish an awful lot!  This weekend was an important step in polishing up and solidifying these songs"  said, Lead Singer Rory Fiszer.  The band is now set to go back into the studio together on May 20.  They will be doing some recording, but mostly rehearsing for their first scheduled Live appearance in almost 14 years.  Details coming soon...STAY TUNED! 


UPDATE:  (May 16, 2005)  The date has been set for NightStrike's first scheduled LIVE show since 1991!  The band will be the "Special Guest" at Feather Fest on Saturday June 11th in Topaz, MI  (Bergland) at Tailfeathers.  The band is scheduled to go on at 6PM EST.  NightStrike will be warming up the stage for Junction 28 and Buzz Factor.  "After being holed up in the studio all winter, we are very excited to get out and stretch our wings live!", said Lead Singer Rory Fiszer.  "We can't wait for people to hear the new material as well as jamming on a few of the band's favorite cover tunes!", said Bassist Jeremy Dishaw.  The band is in negotiations to play as many as two more festivals in the summer of 2005.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (May 20, 2005)  Rehearsals began at North Lake Studios for NightStrike's first scheduled LIVE show since 1991 tonight.  Rory got to the studio by 5PM, Sam @ 7PM, Jer and his personal assistant (?) Brandon arrived at 9:30 and Kev got in by 10PM.  A quick jam ensued, as Jim Harju got the gear all dialed in. The remainder of the evening (early morning) was spent at Sam's house enoying the nice evening and being interviewd by the documentary film crew hanging with the band for the next 24 hours.


UPDATE:  (May 21, 2005)  It was a pretty rough morning, but eventually everyone got up and got going.  Rehearsals  got started by 12 noon at Norh Lake studios.  The rehearsal space was a windowless room that by 1PM was well over 100 degrees!  (78 degrees outside)  The band spent six hours sweating out a set list until Jeremy had to head for a gig with Junction 28.  The band broke for dinner and then headed back to Sam's in Marquette for a guitar rehearsal until 11PM.  The remaining members (Kev, Sam and Rory) along with Sam's wife Tiff went out on the town and caught The Tom Laverty Group  at the Village Pub and then checked out the Melismatics at Upfront and Co.   Fish was the D.D. and returned all back home safely.


UPDATE:  (May 22, 2005)  Sunday was designated a recording day.  The boys got going at 10AM.  Fish worked on some guitar and vocal tracks, while Sam and Kev rehearsed lead parts for "End of My Existence"  Fish headed back to Detroit at noon and Kev and Sam finished up by 2PM.  "This weekend was hard work, but very satisfying as we got a solid set list established", said Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson.  The band will get back together for final rehearsals on June 9th in Marquette.


UPDATE:  (June 9, 2005)  Rory arrives in Marquette to begin final rehearsals for Feather Fest 2005.  The day hasn't been without difficulty, as Rory was in a minor fender bender on his way to Sam's house and it is learned that Jeremy will not be attending rehearsal.  Rory is a little shaken, but otherwise alright.  Jeremy will be unable to attend any rehearsals for the show.  The first time the band will play this setlist together is during their performance at Feather Fest. 


UPDATE:  (June 10, 2005)  Kevin arrives by 10AM and the boys proceed to spend the next eight hours polishing up the setlist.  Over lunch Kev, Rory and Sam turn into "Bondo Bob's" and do a little spit polish on Fish's vehicle...A-OK!  Kevin has to leave by 6PM.  Rory and Sam rest up for the big show tomorrow.  The forecast is being watched closely as there is a hint of rain. 


UPDATE:  (June 11, 2005)  Rory and Sam departed from Marquette and arrived at 1PM to find almost everyone still seeping in the camping area!  (Must have been a great night!)  Junction 28 got the show started at 3PM, followed by a set from wRec at 5PM.  Near the end of  Wrec's set, the skies started to turn ominously black.  As they were finishing up the wind whipped up and the rain came down in sideways sheets!  Then the lightning and thunder began.  At this point the spectator tent blew down and Sound Technician Steve Ollila decided to cover the speakers and unhook the gear.  It would be more than an hour and a half before the stage was put back together.  Finally, a little after 8PM NightStrike took the stage for an abbreviated set (to accomodate the other groups who were yet to go on).  The group opened up with "Anarchy in da U.P." and played a 10 song set culminating with "One Hit to the Heart"For our first scheduled performance together in over 14 years, it was tight and got me excited for the future of this group. There is still a ways to go, but it was a very important step"  said Bassist Jeremy DIshaw.    "When you consider the logistics involved with getting four people together from all over the midwest and then not being able to all rehearse together, I am very encouraged by this show", said Lead Vocalist Rory Fiszer.  Scott Frazer was up next and performed a set of his original acousitic material.  Beyond Forever kept the crowd buzzing with their set.  wRec came back for another blistering set.  Buzz Factor came on second to last near midnight and absolutely tore the place up!  Danzo McCracken is one of the best frontmen in the business!  Hometown heroes, Junction 28 closed the Feather Fest 2005 in style with a heavy duty set!  The boys stayed and played.  Rory and Sam made it back to Marquette as the sun was coming up at 5AM!  "This was a great festival!  We were honored to be asked back next year and will be there with bells on,"  said Drummer Sam Bennett.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (August 31, 2005)  Happy Birthday Lead Singer Rory Fiszer!!!  08/31/1975


UPDATE:  (September 15, 2005)  You may have noticed that there have been limited updates for the past few months.  The band has been on a well deserved summer vacation from NightStrike.  You can also see some members have been catching up on other projects and most importantly, spending time with family.  As of tonight, work has re-started on the album.  Rory Fiszer flew into Marquette (Sawyer International) tonight and joined Drummer Sam Bennett and Producer Jim Harju at North Coast studios.  The group made progress on seven new NightStrike recordings..."Times of Old", "Release Me", "Train of Love", "Where Do We Go", "All Your LIes", "Go-Go Girl", and "Runaway". 


UPDATE:  (September 16, 2005)  Jeremy and Sam were in Ontonagon today and spent some time with Video Producer Dana Brookins.  Drummer Sam Bennett commented, "We both had busy schedules, but we were able to do some editing and finally get a look at the organized footage that has been shot over the last few months, during a quick lunch (school pizza rules!) meeting around the editing suite.  There is an outline in place for an interesting performance video with some candid footage.  It was also very cool to watch Jeremy doing a filmed interview for his All Star Funk Spectacular!  It is going to be a great show.  Great players, great venue.  If you get a chance, check it out!"  Jeremy and Sam also did some rehearsals for the album.  Meeting up later that night at Sam's house in Marquette. 


UPDATE:  (September 16, 2005)  



Featured Performers in the All Star Fantasy Funk Show

Show to feature some of the most talented musicians on the Upper Peninsula music scene today!


The All Star Fantasy Funk Show at the historic Ontonagon Theater of Performing Arts on Saturday, September 24th at 7:00 is a melding of two musical power groups from the Marquette music scene.  Munbut and The Funky Muthas join a couple of current members of The Tom Laverty Group with The Ignorant Mob tossed into the mix.  The show will feature songs by the great Stevie Wonder, Sly and the Family Stone, Reverend Al Green, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, Bill Withers, Billy Cobham, Jimmy Hendrix, Earth, Wind and Fire, and a few original concoctions. Tickets are $10 in advance at the usual ticket outlets, and $12 at the door.  Student tickets are $5 at the door.


The show is categorized as funk due to the funky rearrangements of classic songs, which link the diverse performing artists.  There will be much improvising by the individual showcase musicians.  The audience will experience high-energy exuberance and awe-inspiring solos as each artist takes the spotlight. 


Local musician Jeremy Dishaw put the show together and will perform as well.  Jeremy plays bass and excels in many genres and musical styles, including funk, soul, R&B, rock, blues, country, traditional, folk bluegrass, jazz, fusion and reggae.  This diversity has made him one of Marquette's most prolific and sought after talents.  In his 15 years of professional performing experience he has graced the stage with The Easy Money Band, NightStrike, Rosies Machine, Head First Blues Band, Lickety Split, The Buzzard Blues Band, Third Street Traffic, Dont Ask, Bobby Hayes and the Bloods, The Marquette Trio, The Funky Muthas , and Junction 28.




UPDATE:  (September 18, 2005)  Happy Brithday Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson!!!  09/18/1973


UPDATE:  (October 5, 2005)  Work continued on the new album today.  Engineer, Jim Harju (North Lake Studios) set up for guitar recording at North Coast Studios in Marquette.  NightStrike Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson arrived early in the evening from Wausau, WI.  The setup went quickly, and by 8PM they began Lead work on "Out to Get You".  Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson commented, "The recording process has become more and more comfortable.  I really feel like I'm hitting my creative stride at the right time! 


UPDATE:  (October 6, 2005)  Work proceeded with tracks for "Out to Get You" and "You and Me" today.  Although originally scheduled to add parts to five NightStrike songs, the boys were really making progress on these two numbers and felt compelled to explore the new ideas.  "We felt compelled to follow through on the inspirational passages that were coming out during this session.  The results were worth the effort!  Kevin was in rare form and the results speak for themselves.  I can not wait for everyone to hear the tracks!", said Drummer Sam Bennett.


UPDATE:  (October 7, 2005)  Friday turned out to be a bonus session, as Jim and Kevin made significant progress on "Standing in the Shadows"  "The strength and diversity of Kevin's playing yielded pleasantly unexpected results.  In addition, we found a really unique technique for recording guitar during these sessions.  I am very pleased with the results.", said Producer Jim Harju.  Sessions have been tentatively set for late October with Bassist Jeremy Dishaw and mid November should see the return of Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson.  STAY TUNED!



UPDATE:  (November 1, 2005)  Happy Birthday to Drummer Sam Bennett!!!  11/01/1975


UPDATE:  (November 4, 2005)  Tonight saw 3/4 of NightStrike, plus Producer Jim Harju filling in for Kevin Johnson on Guitar, rock the night away in celebration of Drummer Sam Bennett's 30th Birthday!  The party at Boat Drinks was a complete surprise to Sam.  He showed up with his wife and Bassist Jeremy Dishaw just before 9PM to find his family and friends gathered around a stage with Lead Singer Rory Fiszer and Producer Jim Harju, guitars in hand!  "It was a total surprise!  I just thought we were going out to a really cool club to have drinks" said Bennett.  He went on to say, "It was a little weird playing with out Kevin (did he mention he has six kids!), but Jim did a fine job of filling in for an evening.  I had a blast!  It was a night I will never forget!  I can not wait for the next NightStrike gig.  Could a New Year's Eve bash be in the works...STAY TUNED!

UPDATE:  (December 19, 2006)  Happy Birthday to Bassist Jeremy DIshaw!!!  12/19/1974


UPDATE:  (January 14-17, 2006)  All four members of NightStrike re-convened at North Coast Studios (Marquette, MI) to continue production of the new record.  The sessions turned out to be more fun than business, but some progress was made.  This weekend they were recording the cautionary street tale "Go-Go Girl"!  In honor of the song the band dubbed these the "Wasted" sessions!  However, there was little time to waste as the group was racing to finish the record by their rapidly approaching, self imposed deadline of March 15th.  In addtion to "Go-Go Girl", the group also worked on "Where Do We Go", "Times of Old", "Runaway" and "Release Me".  Besides the video being shot for the oft-discussed "making of" DVD, NightStrike also did a photo shoot with Raul Z. Duke for a possible cover to the new album.  "The time between sessions (four months) seemed to leave the guys a little rusty, but there were some really solid efforts turned in and progress was made" said Producer Jim Harju.  The next recording sessions are set for February 17th at North Coast studios...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (February 17-22, 2006)  NightStrike got back in to the groove during this session!  Over five days the boys really got over the proverbial hump.  The album is 80% done at this point.  The boys will be getting back together for the final recording sessions on April 21st.  Mixing and Mastering are scheduled to follow in May.  The tentative release date for the album is Friday June 9th...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (March 21, 2006)  Good Luck to NightStrike Lead Vocalist Rory Fiszer as he competes in Guitar Center's "Guitarmageddon" tonight in Flint, MI. 


UPDATE:  (April 10, 2006)  According to details from rock group Junction 28's website, NightStrike is scheduled to perform on Saturday June 10th, 2005 at "Tailfeathers 2006" in Topaz, MI (Bergland)The NightStrike Nation tailgate party begins at noon (12 PM EST).  Get there early for good seats.  More details to follow...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (April 21-25, 2006)  Principal recording sessions have been completed this weekend at North Lake Studios in Ishpeming, MI.  Work began on March 11, 2005 and over the span of 13 months 50,000 miles were traveled, thousands of e-mails were sent, hundreds of calls were made, 7 rental cars were utilized,  2 babies were born and, four friends became a band again.  NightStrike:  Jeremy DIshaw, Rory Fiszer, Sam Bennett and Kevin Johnson laid 15 of the group's favorite numbers to track.  The process will continue during May with Mixing and Mastering.  Look for details on the CD Release Party soon...STAY TUNED!

UPDATE:  (June 2, 2006)   3/4 of NightStrike jam unannounced at Roxey's (Ontonagon, MI) last night.  Bassist Jeremy Dishaw hosts an Open Mic every other Friday there.  So, drummer Sam Bennett and Lead Singer Rory Fiszer (after a 500 mile drive straight from Flint to the venue) joined Jer and the Riverstreet Trio as a warmup (Thanks Jim and Kirsten!) to next weekend's two night stand at FeatherFest.  A really diverse selection of music was performed from such artists as Rosa Hill, Jon Ollila (Hawgkaller, Rosie's Machine, Junction 28) and Stefan as well as promising newcomer Dana Floyd.   Next up...FeatherFest.  Get there early, catch some cool bands and get ready for two days of music and mayhem with NightStrike!...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (June 3, 2006)  NightStrike release first single from the forthcoming album of the same name, "One Hit to the Heart"   The album is currently in the Editing and Mixing stages.  The release date should be known in the not too distant future...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (June 8, 2006)  "NightStrike set to appear..."  courtesy Daily News


UPDATE:  (June 11, 2006)  FeatherFest has come and gone for another year!  Cool bands, cool people

and it was a little on the cool side, too.  A big thanks to Pam and Jim for throwing such a good party.  NightStrike were honored to have shared the stage with so many talented musicians...Beyond Forever, Placards, Rick Reid, Junction 28, Guilded Cage, 9 Volt Lucky, and Buzz Factor.  A special thanks to Steve and Kurt for making everything sound so good all weekend long.  Thank you to Junction 28 for sharing their gear and rehearsal facility as well as for throwing a fun pre-FeatherFest party on Thursday evening.  If you didn't make it this year, plan on it next year.  Among a lot of memorable moments, it was great to hear Chuck Immonen back on the scene in his new power trio, Guilded Cage.    That same night FeatherFest worshipped at the alter of Church of Beer.  This unique band from Rhinelander, WI offered the crowd a change of pace that really set the mood for the rest of the evening.  Later that night, the audience was also treated to a special unannounced performance from Rosie's Machine.    Thank you to all who attended.  Next up...Upfront & Co. in Marquette, MI on Thursday July 6th.


UPDATE:  (June 12, 2006)  "NightStrike release first single..."  courtesy Lake Superior Voice


UPDATE:  (July 2, 2006)  "NightStrike releases single"  courtesy U.P. Business Today

UPDATE:  (July 6, 2006)  NightStrike shared the love with a great Thursday night crowd tonight at Upfront & Co. in Marquette!  The group was joined onstage by Producer James Harju, who filled in for Bassist Jeremy Dishaw.  Thank you to Jim and to the crew at Upfront.  NightStrike willl see you again soon for their one-of-a kind brand of loud, rude and aggressive rawk & roll!


UPDATE:  (July 7, 2006)  NightStrike returned to their hometown of Ontonagon to play at the legendary Stubb's Bar.  As always the capacity crowd was insane!  It was great to see so many old friends and to make some new ones, too!  It was a very special moment when original NightStrike Bassist/Singer Jeff Rule came up and sang on 'Every Rose Has it's Thorn"...better than ever!  A big thanks to Linda, Connie and the crew.  We'll be back in Ontonagon real soon!  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (August 12, 2006)  R.I.P. James "Bucket" Koski.  The world lost a beautiful soul today when Bucket succombed to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident last week.  We are all saddened by the loss and reminded of how precious each and every day is.  NightStrike will remember all of the good times with Bucket and is very thankful to have had the chance to see Jim at our last show in Ontonagon.  You will be missed.


UPDATE:  (August 24, 2006)  "NightStrike to film concert..."  courtesy Daily Mining Gazette


UPDATE:  (August 24, 2006)  "NightStrike to play Ontonagon Theater..."  courtesy Daily News


UPDATE:  (August 25, 2006)  NightStrike love seafood!  The band rocked through a set of originals and classics tonight on the mainstage of  The International SeafoodFest at Marquette's Lower Harbor Park.  It was the first time since June 11th that all four members had played together.  It sounded and looked great!   It was a very cool evening, but by the end of the group's set the loyal members of the NightStrike Nation were overheated!  "What a thrill it was to play in such a beautiful location (Marquette's waterfront).  It felt great to have the four of us together again.  It was also very cool to have some of the wives, girlfriends and children along for the ride.  NightStrike is a very family friendly group", said Drummer Sam Bennett Now the band will begin final preparations for their performance at the Ontonagon Theater of Performing Arts on Saturday September 9th.  STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (September 4, 2006)  "What is NightStrike?"  courtesy Lake Superior Voice


UPDATE:  (September 9, 2006)  NightStrike return!  The group played an over two hour show for the rabid
members of the NightStrike Nation at the Ontonagon Theater of Perfroming Arts tonight.  Don't worry if you couldn't be there because Ritola Audio recorded the whole thing for a possible Live CD/DVD.  Initial reports indicate the show was recorded cleanly and should be usable.  Big Sound, Big lights, Full crew (17 people!) and a little smoke thrown in for good measure made this a night to be remembered.  The band would like to thank the Theater Advisory Board for taking a chance on a hard rock act like NightStrike.  The guys in the group can't wait to play there next time!  Special thanks to Dana Brookins, Janet Wolfe and Dave Bishop who went above and beyond the call of duty to make this a special evening.   The group will now take some much needed time off and finish up on "One Hit to the Heart" as well as get to work on the Live DVD, "Coming Home Alive".  In November the band are scheduled to begin demoing songs for the new albums.  STAY TUNED!!!


UPDATE:  (September 20, 2006)  "NightStrike hits Ontonagon"  courtesy Ontonagon Herald


UPDATE:  (December 1, 2006)  NightStrike have been busy this fall.  First, work has finally been completed on the studio recording "One Hit to the Heart" .  That project is tentatively scheduled for release by the end of 2006 to pre-release orders and most importantly to members of the NightStrike Nation.  Second, the audio recordings for the proposed Live

CD/DVD,  "Coming Home Alive" have now been completed.  Work will begin next week on preparing the visual apsects of the performance.  No timetable has been given on that project's release date.  Third, NightStrike began pre-production demo recordings on seven new tracks in early November for another possible release.  To be one of the first notified of the release date of "One Hit to the Heart" sign up now in the "NATION" section.  STAY TUNED!!!


UPDATE:  (December 18, 2006)  "From the Vaults:  NightStrike CD Review"  courtesy Lake Superior Voice


UPDATE:  (January 1, 2007)  Happy New Year!  NightStrike rang in 2007 last night at Stubb's in Ontonagon, MI.  Thank you to Linda Lou, Connie and crew for hosting a great party as always!  Things really got going toward the end of the Packer game and got progressively larger and larger all the way to an improvised encore of Kiss' "Cold Gin" just after 3:30 AM!  "Many, many New Year's I've spent watching all those great bands at Stubb's, wishing it was NightStrike up there.  This was a dream gig", said drummer Sam Bennett.  Thank you to all of our brothers and sisters in the Nation for coming early and staying all the way to the end!  Next up, NightStrike head back into the studio to finish work on their next studio recording project.  They completed pre-Production demos before the holidays on nine new recordings including "Bucket"  which the band previewed during the show last night.  NightStrike have tentatively set the date for their CD release party.  Friday February 16th, 2007.  STAY TUNED!!!


UPDATE:  (January 13, 2007)  Work began on NightStrike's next recording project at North Lake Studios in Ishpeming, MI.  James Harju is again at the controls for the un-named project.  Lead Singer Rory Fiszer and Drummer Sam Bennett spent time in the studio working on guitar and vocal parts today.  The group worked on:  "Boyz in Blue", "Just A Friend", "Blind Man See", and "Your Eyes" .  Sam and Rory then hurried back to Marquette to catch a Marquette Rangers game (vs. U18 National team), then wound up at Upfront & Co. to catch a great show by the Melismatics.


UPDATE:  (January 14, 2007)  Work continued this morning on a few more songs: "Shot in the Dark" and "Blind Man See" before Singer Rory Fiszer made the trek back to Lapeer this afternoon. 


UPDATE:  (January 19, 2007)  "NightStrike CD Picks of the Week"  courtesy DigStation.com


UPDATE:  (January 19, 2007)  NightStrike bassist Jeremy Dishaw put to track new parts for:  "Just A Friend", "Boyz in Blue", "Your Eyes" and "Blind Man See" today at Nroth Lake Studios.  Next up...the official release of "One Hit to the Heart".  STAY TUNED!!!


UPDATE:  (February 12, 2007)  "NightStrike CD Release Party..."  courtesy Mining Journal


UPDATE:  (February 16, 2007)  "The Bear broadcasts NightStrike CD Release"  courtesy NSB


UPDATE:  (February 16, 2007)  22 months after the recording process began, NightStrike's first official CD was released tonight!   "One Hit to the Heart" was sent out into the Universe with a CD Release party held at JJ's Shamrock in Marquette, MI (the location that inspired the song "You and Me").  The NightStrike Nation was out in force for the historic celebration, with some Nation members travelling from as far away as Green Bay, WI !  In a first for any band, WUPK-FM, "The Bear" 94.1 FM (the region's most listened to station) broadcast the NightStrike CD Release party LIVE on their popular "Arena" program.  "We'd like to thank The Bear for their support of NightStrike.  It was a dream come true to hear a song I wrote played on the radio!", said Lead Singer Rory FIszer.  DJ Steve "Ponch" Ponchaud is pictured at left with the band that evening.  Special thanks to Nancy, Dave and Crew from the Shamrock - "nobody throws a party like the 'Rock"!  The band also want to thank the sisters and brothers of the NightStrike Nation, who came early and stayed all the way to the end!  (Jess, it must have been a rough morning driving two hours back home and then going straight to work!)  We made some new friends and got to hang with some of our favorite people.  Thank you all for making this such a memorable night for Jer, Sam, Kev and FIsh!  UP NEXT...The guys are 75% done on re-recording their first three albums (Street Justice, NightStrike, and Road to Nowhere).  They will take March and April off from Live shows to complete the recording.  IF all goes well, the group plans on putting out their first three recordings on CD by the end of the year.  NightStrike's music is also now available for download at iTunes.  The band will resume the "One Hit Tour 2007" in May.  STAY TUNED!!!


UPDATE:  (February 22, 2007)  "U.P. rockers offer Shot to the Heart"  courtesy Daily News


UPDATE:  (March 1, 2007)  "U.P. band's new album in local stores"  courtesy Daily Press


UPDATE:  (May 17, 2007)  The band has gotten the final draft of the upcoming DVD release, "Coming Home Alive" from 4th Degree Productions.  Packaging is next on the schedule.  There is no release date set yet, stay tuned.  Work also continued at North Lake Studios on the re-release of the group's first three recordings.  50% of the material is entering the mixing stage.  After a lot of fits, starts and scheduling nightmares, the guys will resume live shows on Friday June 22.  More announcements of new live dates coming soon.  STAY TUNED!!!


UPDATE:  (June 22, 2007)  Finally the 'Strike has come back to Ontonagon!  NightStrike kicked off their summer slate of shows in support of "One Hit to the Heart" last night at Stubb's.  Singer Rory Fiszer had a 500 mile drive, but made it two hours before showtime.  The guys came together after a few sound issues (the band plugged in their new sound system for the first time at the show).  As usual a great hometown crowd was out to support the band...thank you!  NightStrike Nation members came early and stayed until the end.  Linda, Connie and Colleen put together another great night.  The Post show party was a great time...the sun came up before anyone left! 


UPDATE:  (June 23, 2007)  Saturday night's show saw NightStrike making their first appearance at Marquette's Holiday Inn.  "I was hoping for a "Spinal Tap" moment with "Puppet Show" over "NightStrike" on the marquee, but no luck.  The staff was way too pro for that!," said Drummer Sam Bennett.  The afternoon started out very interestingly with the group's load-in supervised by the Secret Service (on the Karl Rove detail).  "I called the venue from the road to let them know when we would be arriving and a Secret Service agent got on the phone.  They were great to work with.  It turns out that some of Marquette's finest (working the Karl Rove event) were actually fans of the band and started talking us up (?).  So, we had Secret Service and Marquette PD guys at the show...really cool!  Not to mention State Senators, rockin' Republicans and whole lot of NightStrike Nation members", said Drummer Sam Bennett.   The band had a great time and would like to thank Chris, Tim and the entire staff at the Holiday Inn for showing NightStrike  a great time. 


UPDATE:  (July 5, 2007)  NightStrike to perform...courtesy Sentinel


UPDATE:  (July 8, 2007)  ...and a new chapter begins!  NightStrike had a blast in Baraga with the new Copper Country  chapter of the NightStrike Nation.  (look for photos in the "Nation" section)  Fun shows and cool people at the Ojibwa Casino.  The Marquette, Ontonagon and Detroit chapters were also flying the colors...thanks for making the trip.  Once the band worked through some electrical issues early on Friday night, they were off and running with a new fog machine and some specialized lighting effects.  The picture at right gives a glimpse. 3/4 of the guys made a field trip to Houghton on Saturday afternoon to see the Transformers movie...check it out-FUN!  Thanks to Dottie, Jim and crew for their hospitality.  The group is looking forward to playing the Copper Country again soon...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (July 13, 2007)  Due to circumstances beyond their control, NightStrike have been forced to postpone all shows planned for the fall.  However, NightStrike will be playing the Marquette County Fair as scheduled on Saturday August 11th"We hope our friends in WI, IN, IL, OH, VA, PA and lower MI will be patient with us.  Hopefully these matters will be worked out soon and we can get back out on the road and see you all,"  said Lead Singer Rory Fiszer.  The band will not be dormant, as they are just about ready to enter the manufacturing stage on the new LIVE DVD, "Coming Home Alive".  The group are in the final stages of production on their new studio recordings and are still confident about a 2007 re-release...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (July 17, 2007)  "NightStrike...quite nice Melodic Hardrock"...courtesy Strutter magazine


UPDATE:  (August 12, 2007)  If this was the last NightStrike show of 2007, it ended with a bang!  The group put together a loud and proud performance for a wild audience at the Marquette County Fair last night.  The Marquette chapter of the NightStrike Nation was out in force, along with many new converts. (see pics in the "NATION" section).  Power trio, "Loose Gravel" got the evening started on a good note. Then, NightStrike took the stage for  a three plus hour performance of 'Strike classics and fan favorites.  Thanks to James and the Fair board for having us.  We look forward to next year's fair.  Also, thanks to the Forsyth twsp. Fire Dept. for keeping everyone "hydrated" on a warm summer evening.  Don, thanks for putting together a smoking light show!  It is official.  NightStrike have finally (after nine months of negotiations) secured all of the rights and licensing to complete the oft-discussed LIVE DVD, "Coming Home Alive".  The DVD booklet will be designed next week and then the project will be shippped off for manufacture.  If all goes well, the DVD will be out by the end of October, just in time for the Holiday shopping season.  Look for a big announcement on a possible "World Premiere" event soon.  Work has also continued on the re-release of NightStrike's first three recordings, (Street Justice, NightStrike, Road to Nowhere) All three recordings are getting re-mixed as we

speak.  The group has also recorded six all new tracks, written since the reunion to be included on an all new NightStrike record, (Second Wind)...STAY TUNED!!!


UPDATE:  (September 8, 2007)  "It was a good party night!", said NightStrike Lead Singer Rory Fiszer about last night's Hinder aftershow celebration following the group's "Bad Boys of Rock" tour stop at DTE Music Theater.  Fisher went on to say, "The guys definitely could have held their own back in the day!  The songs, the attitude..this 'new breed' have it all going on.  There's a real back to basics guitar driven rock sound again.  Plus these guys are having a great time playing.  That positive attitude shows in their music.  I know our Guitarist Kevin  also found that to be true of  "Avenged Sevenfold"  when he spent some time with them after their show at the Rave in Milwaukee a few months back."  When asked what he's been up to during NightStrike's unplanned hiatus from live shows Fiszer said, "I've been writing new material for the next record (Second Wind).  Two new songs last week.  I've been having a good time being single again following my recent divorce in July...caught a couple of Lion and Tiger games and have been going to other band's shows.  But, we can't wait to get out there and play live again.  We've had some really cool offers coming in, so it should be a just a little while longer and there will be some sort of announcment about live dates."  ...STAY TUNED!!! 


UPDATE:  (November  27, 2007)  R.I.P. Kevin DuBrow.  Another great taken before his time.  Although details are still unclear as to what ended the Quiet Riot Lead Singer's life, one thing is certain...he will be missed, but remembered for his enormous contribution to Hard Rock music.  "Metal Health was the second tape I ever bought", said NightStrike drummer Sam Bennett.  Lead Singer Rory Fiszer had this to say, "If it weren't for Kevin DuBrow and Quiet Riot coming along to break down all of the walls and barriers for this kind of music, there's no way a band like NightStrike could have ever gotten airplay on the big commercial radio stations.  Thank you."  It must be one heck of a jam going on with Kevin and Randy Rhoads again.

(December  7, 2007)  Following an injury sustained during a pickup football game, (hey, it was December, in Michigan, with no snow...you don't get many opportunities to play outside this time of year), Lead Singer Rory Fiszer (pictured above) underwent successful surgery today to repair a torn achilles tendon.  If it's any consolation, he scored three touchdowns before he (and many others around him) heard the POP!  The former All-State Running back, who despite several serious injuries, including a spinal injury that ended his college gridiron career, had never gone under the knife.  Get Well wishes can be sent here.   So, obviously NightStrike will not be performing live the rest of 2007.  According to Fiszer's medical team, he will need six weeks to heal from the surgery.  The band considered several offers for New Year's but now won't return to the stage until January 18/19 2008 at Big Powederhorn Mountain in Bessemer, MI. 


In other news, the group is pleased to announce a new retail partnership with Holiday stores throughout the North.  The group's most recent CD release, "One Hit to the Heart" will be available Monday December 10th, just in time for the holidays!  "This is another way for people to join the NightStrike Nation.  We look forward to working with the good folks at Holiday.  Growing up in a real small town, Holiday was one of the few places I was able to buy new music at.  It was my local tape store.  So, to now have our CD available there is really cool to me.", said NightStrike drummer Sam Bennett.  When asked about the status of the new concert DVD Bennett went on to say, "It's been a challenge to boil down nearly 10 hours of footage to an 85 minute DVD.  There were so many shots to choose from.  The most important part of the process was to always make the person at home feel as if they were there that night.  When you go to a concert you certainly check out the scenery, but the main focus is the band's performance.  People who make this a part of their collection don't want cluttered shots of people they don't know blocking their view of the stage.  They can can get that by going to a show.  NightStrike's goal was to put the viewer at home right in the front row, as if NightStrike were playing to them and them alone with no obstruction.  But, at the same time, honor the shared experience of everyone there who made it such a special evening.  You'll have to be the judge of that.  I can't wait for this thing to finally get released!"  NightStrike have posted a sneak preview of the DVD, "Coming Home Alive" on their NightStrike Nation MySpace page with three exclusive audio tracks from the show...CHECK IT OUT!


UPDATE:  (December  1, 2007)  NightStrike makes respected UK music journalist Neil Daniels' playlist.


UPDATE:  (December  11, 2007)  Here are some pictures of Lead Singer Rory Fiszer's leg following his recent Achilles surgery.  Fish is recovering well at home.  So far, he's still on track to get back onstage January 19.  WARNING:  Graphic Images.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


UPDATE:  (January  1, 2008)   3/4 of NightStrike (Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson could not make the date on such short notice - did we mention he has 6 1/2 kids!) had the opportunity to ring in the New Year last night at the legendary Stubb's!  Very special thanks to Mother Ruckus Guitarist Chuck Immonen for stepping in at the last minute.  Lead Singer Rory Fiszer held up until the band finished playing at 3:30 AM.  His leg was sore (Rory is recovering from Achilles surgery - see above), but Fish hung in there and delivered a solid performance as always.  "That was the biggest and craziest crowd we've ever played to at Stubb's", said Lead Singer Rory Fiszer.  Drummer Sam Bennett commented, "I've mentioned several times how cool it is playing at Stubb's after having seen all of those great bands through the years.  So, to have the chance to play with Chuck Immonen (Mother Ruckus) after all these years was a real treat!  It was an adjustment not having Fish leaping around the stage because of the cast, but he still managed to whip the crowd into a lather from his stool."


UPDATE:  (January  20, 2008)  Cool weekend in Big Snow Country!  NightStrike played their first official shows of 2008 the last two nights at Big Powderhorn Mountain's Caribou Lodge.  Despite the -45 degree wind chills, it got plenty hot during the show's.  First, big thanks to WUPM for playing NightStrike the last few weeks and thanks to Jesse for having us on his show, too.  Also, thanks to the many friends from the Ontos chapter who made the trek in rough driving conditions and for hanging at our surprise jam in Roxey's Thursday night.  It was great to see you.  NightStrike christened the new Gogebic Range chapter with a couple of fresh tracks and a few numbers the band has been working on in the studio.  The long distance award is a tie between the Detroit and Chicagoland chapters.  On the health front, singer Rory Fiszer probably played his last show (let's hope) in his protective boot.  The cast comes off in two weeks and a month of physical therapy starts right after.  Bassist Jeremy Dishaw survived three straight shows with less than 5 hours of total sleep...the Cable Man cometh!  Also, uncomfirmed reports say the frisky girl who wiped out into the drumset Saturday is alive and doing well.  Next up, the group is bringing together the final details for the DVD release party.  The tentative release for "Coming Home Alive" is Friday March 28th.  More details to follow...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (January 31, 2008)  "...melodic hard rock, very well developed"  courtesy of Mundo Rock

UPDATE:  (February 12, 2008)  "MichiganBands.com welcomes NightStrike!" courtesy MichiganBands.com

UPDATE:  (February 22, 2008)  "...part of a good collection, enjoy it."  courtesy Rock en San Luis

UPDATE:  (February 24, 2008)  "One Hit to the Heart:  Top 5 Hard Rock track"  courtesy PayPlay.fm


UPDATE:  (February 25, 2008)  "One Hit to the Heart reaches top of the charts"  courtesy PayPlay.fm


UPDATE:  (March 19, 2008)  "...celebrate release of first concert dvd"  couretesy SleazeRoxx.com


UPDATE:  (March 20, 2008)  "...releasing their first concert dvd"  courtesy  HardRockHouse.com


UPDATE:  (March 28, 2008)  NightStrike celebrated the release of their first concert dvd, "Coming Home Alive" last night with a show at The Matrixx in Marquette, MI.  Special thanks to the great Dave Ziegner (Conga Se Menne, Slave to Gravity) for filling in on bass with such short notice.  Also, huge appreciation to John and Joe at Mathews for allowing their warehouse to rehearse in Thursday night (early Friday AM, too!).  Release day kicked off with Rory and Kevin being interviewed on the WLUC-TV Morning Show, then the boys stopped in to visit with Walt Lindala  on WKQS.   The group was off to the venue for soundcheck and appreciated WBKP-TV stopping by to talk about the DVD and night's festivities.  Fun show, fun crowd.  This was Lead Singer Rory Fiszer's first show since recovering from his achilles injury.  Fish was growling and prowling the stage like an uncaged beast!  It was great to see the Marquette chapter of the Nation out flying the colors.   Thanks to the Matrixx for having NightStrike.  The group has also released their first promotional clip for "Coming Home Alive", "Go-Go Girl" Next up, the group will head back into the studio to continue work on "Second Wind"




UPDATE:  (March 28, 2008)  Walt Lindala interviews Lead Singer Rory Fiszer on the State of Michigan's number one morning radio show (source: MAB) regarding their new dvd, "Coming Home Alive". 

see photo above


UPDATE:  (April 6, 2008)  NightStrike welcomes the newest member of 'da Nation:  Bodi James Bennett!  4lbs, 4oz. and a little early, but doing fine.


UPDATE:  (April 15, 2008)  "NightStrike release first concert dvd"   courtesy Subterraneo Americal


UPDATE:  (May 30, 2008)  Congratulations to Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson and wife Krystal on the birth of their seventh (!) child, Suri Elizabeth. 


UPDATE:  (June 1, 2008) NightStrike music now available at Wal-Mart and Target

UPDATE:  (July 15, 2008)  "Coming Home Alive...very good melodic rock!"  courtesy of  Rise E-zine


UPDATE:  (July 30, 2008)  "4 1/2 horns out of 5!"  courtesy of Metal Portal


UPDATE:  (August 9, 2008)  NightStrike returned to Marquette with a vengeance tonight at the County

Fair, playing a 2 1/2 hour set that featured 20+ crowd pleasing tracks and a jaw dropping bass solo from virtuoso Jeremy Dishaw!  Thanks to all of those brave (and bundled up) souls who ventured out on an August night that had a wind chill in the 30's!  Ahhh...those hot U.P. summer nights!  Special thanks to Chuck Immonen for filling in on guitar for Kevin.  Always great to hear Chuck and the variations he brings to the setlist.  Thanks to James for having NS back and Redfella mobile entertainment for running sound & lights.  It was great to hear Sore on Sunday, too.

Thanks to Walt at WKQS for featuring NightStrike on his Friday AM "Hair Metal Memories" segment and Ponch at the Bear for their continued support and airplay!  Thanks to the Gogebic Range chapter of da Nation for making the trip. 


UPDATE:  (September 1, 2008)  NightStrike realized a dream last night playing Stubb's, in their hometown on on Labor Day.  That dream almost became a nightmare as a massive fire threatened the village.  NightStrike and Ontonagon are alive and well thanks to the tireless efforts of the OVFD!  An inferno erupted Sunday morning and engulfed nearly an entire village block the venue was on!  The blaze had locals worried about a repeat of the 1896 fire that destroyed Ontonagon.  Hometown firefighters as well as the other responders and volunteers quite possibly saved the town.  THANKY YOU!   WLUC TV-6 has a disturbing photo showing Stubb's and a cloud of smoke and debris that was the rest of the block!  Beside that...the air temperature was 96 in a small club (25 feet from the smoldering ash and debris) with a few hundred people sent the mercury rising well over 100 degrees!  Fun show...Kev was back!  Entertaining bass/guitar solo and stageshow.  Weird lighting and a great crowd!  Thank you to Linda, Connie and crew for having NS...can't wait for next year!  We hope to have information soon about how you can donate and help those who lost everything when their apartments and businesses were completely destroyed...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (September 4, 2008)   A benefit dinner has been announced to aid those affected by the Ontonagon Fire:  Thursday September 11.  AmericInn.  Silver City, MI  5-8 PM.  Organizers say all benefit will go to the victims.  Clothes, Housewares, Cash, ect... will also be accepted.  Many of those directly impacted will be in attendance.  STAY TUNED! 

UPDATE:  (November 4, 2008)  Work has re-started on NightStrike's next studio project today at NorchCoast Studios.  Jim Harju is again twisting knobs for the band.  The collection of all new tracks was helmed by Rory Fiszer over the past three years.  Many of the songs have been featured during the group's live performances during that same period including"Pink", "Bucket", "Abusurd" and "Go Your Own Way".  A 2009 release is tentatively scheduled for the project with "Second Wind" as a working title.   STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (November 4, 2008)  Bassist Jeremy Dishaw is alive and well following an early morning blaze

that destroyed his home.  Apparently the blaze began after 5AM in the sauna.  Marie smelled smoke and upon closer inspection discovered the sauna was on fire.  Jer and his son Christian got out unharmed (along with Marie).  In a truly heroic effort, Jer was able to wake the residents of the adjacent apartment complex and probably saved a lot of lives in the process.  He then went back inside and tried to battle the fire himself until the fire department arrived. Jer did have smoke inhalation, but appears to be making a full recovery.  He wanted to thank the tireless efforts of the Ontonagon Volunteer Fire Department and the Red Cross.  There is a benefit dinner and "All Star" jam this Friday night (12/12) at Shamrock in Ontonagon to aid Jer in putting his life back together.  His son's room and all of it's contents (Toys, bedding, clothes, etc...) are a total loss.  Please come by and enjoy a night of fun and great music to help aid a good friend.


UPDATE:  (March 14, 2009)   NightStrike were let out of the recording studio this weekend for a quick romp on the road through Michigan and Wisconsin.  Two first time venues and a lot of new friends along the way.  It was great to see all of you sledders enjoying the last weekend of the season.  Thank you to both crews at the Pit Stop and Brule River Tap for their hospitality.  We can't wait to come back and see you all again soon.  As always, thanks to da Max Axeman, Chuck Immonen for pinch hitting for Kev.  The group will continue studio work on some exciting new projects, which will hopefully see the light of day the end of the year...STAY TUNED!


UPDATE:  (July 8, 2009)  Bassist Jeremy Dishaw spent some time laying down tracks to NightStrike's new record today.  The steady fingered thumper left nothing to the imagaination as he moved and grooved a rock solid performance from his instrument.  JerBear definitely gave his extra 7% to the session.  Contrary to reports, no one was injured during the recording of the album. 


Up next, Lead screamer Rory Fiszer heads north to continue the recording effort Friday August 8th. 



UPDATE:  (August 8, 2009)  Sessions continued today on NightStrike's latest recording adventure with Lead Singer/ Rhythm Guitarist Rory Fiszer making the trip up from the Motor City.  WIth James Harju again manning the helm, the sessions proved productive.  Fish worked on a number of guitar parts as well as putting down half a dozen lead vocal tracks. 


Kevin Johnson is scheduled to make an appearance at TreeTop studios to lay down more of his shredding guitar in the not too distant future...STAY TUNED!




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